Details for Album #18: Andrus & Bingle - "Think Upon These Things"

Year: 2002
Release Date: 3/12/2005
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11QMRXW1200223 Just Do It

12QMRXW1200224 Think Upon These Things

13QMRXW1200225 God is Good

14QMRXW1200226 Here I Am (Send Me)

15QMRXW1200227 You Can't Stop the Rock

16QMRXW1200228 You Gotta Move

17QMRXW1200229 You Were There

18QMRXW1200230 Say So

19QMRXW1200231 Everlasting Father

110QMRXW1200232 Our Mission

Contributing Artists:

Sherman Andrus
Sherman Andrus
Lead & backing vocals, songwriter, executive producer.
Karl Bingle
Karl Bingle
Drums/Percussion, engineering.
Lonny Bingle
Lonny Bingle
Lead & backing vocals, songwriter, keyboards, songwriter, executive producer.
Eric Burgeson
Eric Burgeson
Joe Evans
Joe Evans
Steel guitar.
Lashund Lambert
Lashund Lambert
Michael Lenke
Michael Lenke
Edward Myers
Edward Myers
Musical Director, Arranger, Producer, Keyboards.
Tom Sanders
Tom Sanders

Liner Notes:

Special Thanks From A&B...

We would like above all else to dedicate this CD to our personal Lord and Savior Jesus.  Thanks to Ed for the superb arrangements and extraordinary talent you brought to this project.  Thanks Karl for all of the hours of hard work.  You're awesome!

Thanks From Sherman:

I want to especially thank my wife Winnie for 36 years of love and support.  My brothers and sisters; Andy, Jim, Calvin, Marge, Marell and Orielia for your constant patience with me as we were growing up.  I love and respect each of you so very much.  God gave each of us the gift of music.  I feel that any of you could have done what God has allowed me to do.  I would like to dedicate the song "God is Good" to my grandchildren Patrick and Samantha, my son Sherman Junior and his wife Mary.  This entire project I would like to dedicate to the memory of my parents Mable and Simon Andrus.  Thank you Drs. Lester and Mellie Duplechan for your constant encouragement.  Lloyd and Jill Duplechan for always telling me how good I am.  Larry Duplechan Sr., Larry Jr. and Lonnie for always being supportive of the ministry.  My stepmother, Mrs. Joyce Andrus.  I love each of you and trust that these songs will minister to your hearts.  David and Shirley Porter, and April for the inspiration on "Just Do It".  My nieces Nicole, Robin, Andrea Andrus.  My Nephews Bentley, Barry, Brian, Courtney and Miles Owen.  Jennifer Duncanson for the inspiration on "God is Good".  Special thanks to my friend Lonny for challenging me to write songs, trust God's guidance in my life and being crazy enough to believe we really can make a difference.

Thanks from Lonny:

Thank you to my wonderful wife Kim and my four great children, Joshua, Jonathan, Jason and Krysta.  Your love and encouragement have allowed me to take a step into the divine plan of God.  Not everybody will share their dad with the world the way you have.  To my dedicated staff and church family, thank you for allowing me to follow the confictions of my heart concerning ministry.  Your dedication to the work of the Lord will allow God to fulfill His plans for each of us.  Pastors Eric and Rebecca, thanks for your faithfulness.  Your partnership in ministry keeps us strong.  Pastor Scottie and Shelly, we are entering a new era.  Get ready for explosion.  Pastor LaShund and Kadesha, thanks for your vision and willingness to pay the price in ministry.  Pastor Donna and Tom, keep loving people the way only you can.  Pastor Ron and Charity, prepare for a prosperous future.  Pastors Josh and Jolene, here we go!  Thanks to my parents Jack and Grace Bingle, Chuck and Esther Koch.   Finally, to my dear friend Sherman, thanks for taking the time to help and allowing me to walk with you in God's plan for this time in our lives.  You are a great blessing to me and my family.


Executive Producers: Sherman Andrus and Lonny Bingle

Producer: Ed Myers

All musical arrangements by Ed Myers.  "Just Do It" arranged by LaGrand.

Vocal arrangements by Sherman Andrus and Lonny Bingle.  "Just Do It" arranged by LaGrand.

Recorded at Mission Control Studios in Spokane, Washington, LaGrand Enterprises in Crofton Maryland and Destiny Studios in Spokane, Washington.

  • Keyboards: Ed Myers, LaShund Lambert, Lonny Bingle
  • Guitars: Eric Burgeson, Tom Sanders
  • Bass Guitar: Tom Sanders
  • Drums: Karl Bingle
  • Steel Guitar: Joe Evans
  • Horns: Michael Lenke

Background Vocals: Sherman Andrus, Lonny Bingle and Steve White on "Just Do It".

Childrens Choir Members (alphabetically): Krysta Bingle, Jessica Branson, Juliea Branson, Anthony Fleck, Ashley Fleck, Kimie Fleck, Ricky Fleck, Aziah Hawkins, Eric Hawkins, Caleb Mohr, Rebecca Mohr, Glory Phelps, Shelby Phelps, Talon Phelps, Adam Price, Victoria Price, Kuria Reams.

Countess: Mandy Rebel

Engineering: Karl Bingle, Lonny Bingle, Mandy Rebel.Mixing: Karl Bingle, Lonny Bingle

Mastered at Mission Control Studios by Karl Bingle.

Cover Photo: Ken Wren - Award Winning Photography.

(c) Copyright 2002 by Exodus Music/BMI, All Rights ReservedOriginal Release: 2002Digital re-release by Mission Control Records: 2012