Michael J. Dwyer

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For more than 3 decades Mike has been playing guitar and singing the music that inspired him from the start. At an early age his influences varied from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley and everything in between.

As a singer-songwriter his style gravitates toward Americana acoustic. Mike's lyrics are thoughtful, engaging and whimsical with a bit of sarcasm thrown into the mix for good measure.

The late 1970's and early 1980's found Mike touring nationally and internationally in a rock n roll band called Heirborn. Throughout the latter part of the 1980's Mike would align himself in various musical incarnations such as the Lehnen-Dwyer Band and The Paradise Highway Band.

As a solo artist Mike is known to have an easy, open, playful manner with his audience often times coaxing the crowd to join in to singing along with the more familiar tunes in his repertoire.

Mike mixes it up with a generous portion of cover tunes by artists such as the Eagles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac and many more artists that had an influence on our culture and our lives.

Mike and his wife Georgi reside in El Cajon, California.


As Real As It Gets
Michael J. Dwyer
As Real As It Gets