Dirty Shame

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Steve Hanson (Guitars/Bass) met Karl Bingle (Drums/Vocals/Keys) when they were next door neighbors at an apartment complex in Spokane, Washington back in 1981.  The guys immediately hit it off sharing a keen interest in music and even played in an un-named band for a short time over the next few months. 

Steve ended up moving to Seattle and the two lost touch until Steve moved back to Spokane over 25 years later and ran into a friend of Karl's at a local bar.  That led to a reunion at a Superbowl party at Karl's house and the guys have been writing and recording music together again ever since.

The first song they recorded, "Dirty Shame", also seemed like a good name for the new band so they adopted it right away.


Dirty Shame (Single)
Dirty Shame
Dirty Shame (Single)