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Sean Flikke (aka "Flicky") spent most of his childhood in the small town of Cheney, Washington. Back then, his primary interests were collecting sports cards, action figures, rocks, and comic books; cruising city parks and swimming pools; making mischief while camping with his friends; and being a full-time dreamer.

After graduating from high school, one of Sean's dreams came true when he was admitted to Stanford University and made the baseball team as a walk-on. He played all four years while earning a B.A. in Public Policy with a focus on Social Policy (studying crime, poverty, and discrimination). During his senior year, Sean was honored by his teammates as the Most Inspirational Player.

Sean has worked with young people and the young-at-heart for over 15 years. Since college, he has worked a two-year stint as a professional baseball player (another dream come true), a literacy tutoring coordinator, a baseball coach, a small business owner, a professional musician (releasing an album of original music in January 2007 - another dream come true), a screenwriting assistant, a bartender, and an investigative researcher.

Sean's current interests include collecting vinyl (old records), cruising the planet's parks and swimming holes, making mischief that brings joy to people's lives, and being a full-time dreamer.


The Orphan, The Bastard and The Thief
The Orphan, The Bastard and The Thief