Our Mission

Mission Control Records is an independent record label - a community of artists - that represent a wide range of genres including rock, country, blues, traditional and religious. The one thing they all have in common is their originality and passion for making great original music.

We build personal relationships with artists and help them with the level of assistance they need to promote their work. We work on a variety of different business models that include recording, distribution, licensing and promotion.


Members of the Mission Control Family may be recording artists, investors, promoters and studio musicians. Members can login to the site and view detailed information about recordings they have worked on including sales, Internet streaming and downloads, licensing and more.


Mission Control works hard to develop personal relationships with partners that wish to license music from our catalog for their TV, Film and Internet productions. Partners may login to search and preview music to find elements for the perfect sound track.

RIAA Mission Control Records is a proud member of the Recording Industry Association of America.
Spokane Washington

re:Discover Music

Mission Control Records is based in beautiful Spokane, Washington in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to work with artists to give them the tools they need to get started in the industry. Our tag line is "re:Discover" music. We represent an increasingly wide variety of genres and hope to expand as new artists join us on our quest.

We are an "M3.0" label with an updated business model that embraces the changes in the music industry and understands that the connection between the artist and fan is more direct and more important than ever. Recordings have now become "calling cards" for the artist. Live performance and alternative, unique product offerings are the new normal.

The best part about our business model is that there is strength in numbers. Our artists can help cross-market each other at their gigs and on their social media networks. Our business model leverages the power of technology without forgetting the art of the music itself and actually gives the artist more time to work on their music.

Karl Bingle

More from MCR Founder Karl Bingle

We have been working as a "label" off and on for the past 25 years (under the name "Power Records" and others) but made it official in March of 2012 by launching Mission Control Records with a bunch of the albums we had made up to that point.

Since then, I've joined the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) as a voting member and really gotten serious about building the label. Our unique approach to artist development has help us grow the roster very quickly in a wide variety of genres. We now have artists in major cities from coast to coast and are working hard to market their music through Film and Television.

I look forward to great things and am confident that many of our artists will eventually become household names. Feel free to browse and buy some great Indi music in our store. All of our catalog is also available via major online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, etc. and by mail order in over 2,500 stores throughout the U.S.

Thanks for visiting our site and come back again soon to see what's new!

My affiliations:

  • National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), voting member (Producers & Engineers wing).
  • Audio Engineering Society (AES), Full Member.
  • Society of International Recording Engineers (S.I.R.E.).
  • Musicians Guild.