Karl Bingle founded Mission Control Records & Studios in Spokane, Washington in 2012 while working on an album project for Michael J. Dwyer.  Since the two had not worked together in nearly 30 years, the idea emerged that maybe all of those projects that had been worked on over that span of time could be put together into an Indi Label.

So, Karl got on the phone and shot e-mails to all of those folks and it became apparent very quickly that everyone was on board.  Right out of the gate, we had a couple dozen artists and hundreds of recordings to re-introduce to the world.  So MCR was born!

It wasn't an overnight process, but one that had brewing for decades.  All of the musicians that had worked with us over the years were (and are) family.  We have countless great memories working together and we plan on continuing the tradition moving forward.

In 2017 we relocated to Pawleys Island, South Carolina where we are currently building our brand new, world-class studio.  We look forward to continue the work with our MCR family in Spokane working with new folks in the Myrtle Beach area - and hopefully people from all over the world.

MCR recordings have been purchased and/or streamed in over 140 countries world-wide.  We look forward to growing and continuing to make great music!

About Karl Bingle (Founder)

  • Voting Member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS, aka "The Grammy's").
  • Voting Member of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Voting Member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES).
  • Member of the Society for International Recording Engineers (SIRE).
  • Studied under Alan Parsons, the Audio Institute of America and the Berklee College of Music.

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