Hi folks,

Our new studio is now under construction (or actually destruction at this stage)!  We are in the process of removing the suspended ceiling to maximize our room sizes and have replaced on of the AC systems with a brand new unit.  

As part of this process, I'm also rebuilding our web site so thank you for your patience during this time.  We have a ton of work to do and it will probably take at least 2-3 months to get things built out and re-install all of the equipment.  

Our new studio will feature:

  • A Neve VR60 Recording Console with Flying Faders
  • ProTools, Cubase and Studio One DAW's
  • A Studer A820 2-Inch 24-Track machine
  • An Otari MTR-10 2-Track mix-down deck (1/4" Half Track)
  • Large Control and Live Rooms

Stay tuned for more info as we continue to make progress.  I will be uploading some photos and videos of the process as we go.  

Thanks for dropping by the site and please come back and visit us often...we need you!

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