The Orphan, the Bastard & the Thief

by Flicky

Released 2012
Mission Control Records
Released 2012
Mission Control Records
Acoustic rock musings from the mind of Sean Flikke
The Songs...

1. Let it Ride
2. Evel Knievel
3. Manic State of Grace
4. Blue Way to Fly
5. Butterfly
6. Calm Before the Storm
7. Swampy (Raising the Bar)
8. Where Will You Go? (The Washington Song)

The Musicians...

Sean Flikke: All vocals, guitar and acoustic guitar
Dave Calhoun: Lead Guitar on tracks 1,6,7 & 9, Rythm Guitar on tracks 6 & 7
Armando Arguello: Bass on tracks 1-9
Ed Myers: Keyboards on tracks 1,3,4 & 5
Mai Bloomfield: Cello on tracks 4 & 8
Daryl Silberman: Violin on track 8
Abbey Crawford: Vocals …
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