Hard Rock Comedy

by Karl Bingle

Released 2012
Mission Control Records
Released 2012
Mission Control Records
Hard Rock with a Comedy Twist!
This short album (EP) contains 6 songs that will make you crank up your stereo and get a good laugh at the same time. The album features the Queen favorite by Roger Taylor, "I'm In Love With My Car" and 5 other great songs by Karl Bingle.

Track Notes:

"I'm in Love With My Car" features a version similar to the live version that Queen performed in the 1970's - 1990's.

"Crown-Victorian Copper" is a song about how cops must percieve themselves - especially the ones that drive Ford Crown Victoria's.

"Every Now-n-Then" is a fun acoustic bit about a guy that gets frustrated with work and life in general.

"I've Got a Wedgie" pokes fun about what must really be going through the minds of people in boring corporate meetings.

"In Your Mouth" is a double-entendre, fun acoustic piece sung by a bunch of friends after too many beers.

"Crackhead Christmas" is a song about the irony of a bunch of crackheads riding their bikes around in the snow during the Christmas season.

Karl Bingle: Lead Vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums.
Steve Goodman: Bass guitar.
Tyler Kaufman: Lead guitars.
Chris Collins: Backing vocals on "I'm in Love With My Car" and "Crackhead Christmas".
Brook Humann: Backing vocals on "Crackhead Christmas".
The Gang (Randy Kneifel, Terry Svir, Ryan Cowan, Karl Bingle): Backing vocals on "In Your Mouth".

Recorded & Mixed at Mission Control Studios in Spokane, Washington, 1999.
Produced by Karl Bingle.

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