Shyanne (Remastered)

by Shyanne

Released 2013
Mission Control Records
Released 2013
Mission Control Records
New vinyl archive and digital re-master of this classic rock album from one of the Pacific Northwest's most memorable bands.
From time to time there's a band that just grabs you and years later you think, "man, I wish I still had that old album, it was amazing"! Well, you're in luck. Under the direction of Shyanne guitarist Eric Burgeson, Mission Control Records is happy to help you re:Discover this classic. It is believed that the original master tapes were lost or destroyed so we have gone to a meticulous effort to carefully archive this album from a virgin vinyl copy and re-master to today's demanding digital standards.

Here are the notes from the original 1982 back cover:

Eric Burgeson: Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Lee Perkins: Fender Bass, Vocals, Synthesizer Bass
Danny Haines: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
David Christensen: Piano and Prophet 5, Vocals
Perry White: Drums, Percussion and Tempo

All songs written by Eric Burgeson and Terry Turrell (c)(p) 1982 (Terik Songs, BMI)


1. Always Just Beyond
2. Simple Girls
3. Being There
4. I'm in Love
5. Kool Kind of Look


1. Love is Too Demanding
2. Wardance
3. Oh, Jane
4. Gonna Make a Man Outa You
5. Summer Love


Eric: Lead vocal on Side A tracks 2, 4 and 5. Side B tracks 1,4 and 5.
Lee: Lead vocal on Side A tracks 1 and 3. Side B track 3
Danny: Backup-up vocals
David: Lead vocal on Side B track 2.


Joe Shikany: Guitar, back-up vocals, synthesizer and broken glass on "Kool Kind of Look".
Terry Turrell: Synthesizer on "Kool Kind of Look".
Barbara Chamberlin: Back-up vocals.


Produced by Joe Shikany

Arrangements by Joe Shikany and Shyanne
(Always Just Beyond arranged by Sven Rustempasic)

Engineered by Vic Coupez

Recorded and mixed at Thunder Oak Audio, Bothell WA - Fall 1982

Mastered at A&M Mastering, L.A.

Cover Art and Layout by Alan Bradshaw

Group Photos by Karen Linn

Drum Kit courtesy of The Drum Key, Seattle

Supernumerary - Terry Turrell

Shyanne Crew - Frank Farmer, Al Quinn


"Fish", Phase Linear Corp and Jane Tullar, Perk. Ms. K., Dr. Jonathan Chinn (Ear, Nose & Throat), Maria Cooper, American Music, Willie and the Willettes, Neil Sussman, Far West Ent., Rabbit Watson, Mike Fisher, Clint Mitchell and our patient and precious family and fans.

2013 Credits:

Vinyl archive and digital re-master by Karl Bingle for Mission Control Records.
Executive Producer: Eric Burgeson

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