The Raves

by The Raves

Released 2012
Mission Control Records
Released 2012
Mission Control Records
Alternative Rock Classic from Spokane circa 1986
For a few months in the late 1980's, "The Raves" made a name for themselves as an original band playing small clubs in the Spokane area like "1-2-3 Arts", "The Big Dipper", "Gatsby's" and more. While the band was only together for a short time, they were able to create a buzz around town and even get some airplay on local radio.

All two songs by The Raves
Recorded at Womach Studios in Spokane, WA, circa 1986
Produced by Jim "Koesler" Koesler and The Raves
Engineered by Doug "Tin Ear" McCleary
Okay'd by Cheri

Raves are:

Mike Werts - Bass Guitar
Karl Bingle - Drums, Vocals
Jame Frost - Guitars, Vocals
Dave Becker - Lead Vocals

Additional backing vocals by Jim Koesler and Cheri Ely.
Special thanks to Norm "Pyro" Perry, Domino Steve, Jim Trainor, Chery Ely, Susan "Mom" Bingle, all Rave parents.

All songs (c) Copyright 1986 by Dog-be-gone/ASCAP

Original release on "Cassingle" in 1986.
Digital re-release by Mission Control Records, 2012.

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